8 December 2017

40k: Death Guard 1st Marine Squad

My first squad of regular Death Guard marines. All models are from the Dark Imperium box set, but I've made some conversions. I'm going for a 'no two models alike' in the army.

It's quite easy to do some simple conversions to get this, as the clunky nature of the marines begs conversion. So you might notice some head-, weapon- and backpack swaps. I've also made sure to drill out all weapon barrels.

I'll be making all the squads 7 man strong (Nurgle's holy number). It might not always make the most tactical sense in the game, but I always play for the rule of cool.

The entire 1st Squad in all its rotten glory.

The champion in this squad is converted from a Noxious Blightbringer. He's had his bell removed and the large horn re-arrenged. The powerfist is added from the original Champion and the plasma gun is from the bit box.

I've gone with a blue glow for all plasma weapons in the army, for easy identification during gaming.

The blight launcher (greande launcher) weapon options seems the best allrounder, especially after falling in points from Chapter Approved 2017. 

For the bligh launchers I've used the greande launcher bit from Mantic Games Plague Stage 3a. The scale fits perfectly with the marines. 

The first marine is converted from a Champion model. I've added a head from Fantasy Blight Kings. Made a hood and tongue from greenstuff. The other marine is a standard marine, with the weapon swap and his helmet spike removed.

I've painted hazard stripes on the blight launchers, for easy idenfication during gaming.

Again going by the rule of cool, I want banners in all my squads. I don't know if I'll ever run them as actual Icon of Despair or just for the looks. But banners add a lot to a unit, that's why I also added one to my cultists (despite them not having rules for it).

This banner bearer is the grenade throwing marine. The banner pole is from the Plague Bearers. I don't know where the banner top is from, I found it in the bit box (but it must be a nurgle kit). The severed head is also from Plague Bearers.
The parchment is another unkown bit I found in the box. 

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