22 December 2017

40k: Typhus - Host of the Destroyer Hive

I've created my own version fo Typhus from the Dark Imperium Lord of Contagion. The open belly has been covered up with greenstuff, his arms are repositioned. I've added some choped of heads from my bits box.

The scythe blade is made from plastic card and is done in the same style as my converted Mortarion and Deathshroud Terminators. The screw nuts are made from a Green Stuff World press mold, an excellent little tool.

The head is an old (several editions back) chaos warrior from Fantasy. The first multi pose chaos warriors. The horn is from the shoulder of the Lord of Contagion.

The Destroyer Hive pipes on his back is made from chopped up lollipop sticks and greenstuff. And I've used a bit of greenstuff to fit the cloak around some of the pipes.

Lastly I've added a plague censor to he's scythe, to make it a bit bigger than those on the Deathshroud bodyguard.

 I've painted Typhus in the same colours as the rest of the army. All the metals are a wet palette mix of different metals, so most metal areas is in a different tone.

The scythe (like all plague weapons) is covered in both Blood for the Blood God and Nurgles Rot.

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