13 December 2017

40k: Death Guard 2nd Marine Squad

My second seven man strong squad of marines. All converted from Dark Imperium mono posers. Made so no model is like any in my first squad.

Lots of head, backpack and weapon swaps done on these guys. Also cutting away some excess details (I think there's too many horns and plague censors on some models).

Like my first shooter squad, this is made with a champion, two blight launchers and an Icon of Despair.

Bases are done with slime on each one, with bubbles made from half pearls. Also added rusted iron debris from twisted sprue.

The champion is the standard model from the Dark Imperium set. Going for one of each, there was no reason to convert this guy. Unlike the one in my other squad, who's build from a Blight Bringer.

My blight launchers are from Mantic Games, comes on their Plague Stage 3a sprues. Fit perfectly on the marines. I've painted yellow / black hazzard stripes on them, for easy identification on the battlefield.

The Icon of Despair is from the Nurgle Daemon Plague Bearers. One of the marines had a perfect post for carrying a banner. The checkered pattern is featured through out the army. And is done on a lot of the dark red fabrics. Like the hoods of my Death Shroud Terminators.

I think this guy originally had a plague knife in the one hand. Gave him his bolter instead, as he's in a shooty squad.

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