19 February 2019

Dunkeldorf: Three models

The nice people running King Games (my hobby shop for anything not GW) has a kickstarter coming up. It's for a set of old school hand sculpted dark fantasy characters. All characters come with backstory and everything.

As I understand it the characters and the city the live in - Dunkeldorf - is from an old Warhammer RPG campaign.


They send me three of the upcoming models. Thank you King Games.

The models scale up nicely other models from the collection. Here's they're next to a Reaper Bones monk, GW Empire Militia and and old GW War Wagon halberdier. 

The models are also the extremes in the line, in terms of size. The Burgomeister (left) is the lowest model. The Doctor and The Rat Catcher are the highest models in the line.

I have no idea what I'm gonna use these models for as I don't play RPG games anymore (and never played with miniatures). I'm still gonna paint these up, I'm looking forward to it. And some of the models will see action in games of Frostgrave.

I could see The Rat Catcher work as a thug model. Looking forward to painting up these models and I'm going all in on the kickstarter campaign. When good people try to make a dream like this come true, I want to support that.

Sponsored content: By Danish law i must state that these models have been given to me for free by a company. I've not been asked to make a blog post or paid for an opinion.

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