24 February 2019

Surrounded at the harbor

Once again two groups of everyday not much anymore) heroes battle during the zombie apocalypse. We've chosen the scenario with a horde descending  on the survivors and them having to capture an escape vehicle.

We changed the scenario a bit however. Every vehicle on the board could drive away with the survivors (not just one), but before we could attempt to start the vehicle, we had to get fuel.

On the map was several barrels of fuel. A survivor could pick up and carry fuel as a supply token. The fuel would then have to be carried to a vehicle and the attempt to start it.

We set up a cool harbor area to play on. The the blog posts for this stuff here.

My group set up together in a tight formation. The plan was to quickly gain entry to the warehouse and secure fuel from there. Meanwhile some would break off and try to secure supplies from the ship. At the same time fuel on the ship could be backup if things went FUBAR in the warehouse.

My opponent split up his troops more than me, making for several routes across the table.

This was the first game bringing my new survivor Robert 'Bobby' Munz. A crazy survivalist carrying a heavy hunting rifle. I had also chosen his specialty to rifles, so it would do a lot of damage but had very limited ammo.

The soldier Frederick Lewis did as always - take up high ground and lay down fire across the board.

Duncan Atkins carrying riot gear armor and the doctor hiding from a zombie.

Duncan being armed only with a pistol and a machete seeks out close combat with zombies. I take a shot at them with Bobby and end up taking out the zombie for him.

Firefighter Sam broke down the backdoor into the warehouse. Good supplies and some fuel to be had inside.

Doctor Hendricks is moving towards the side entrance of the warehouse.

SWAT member John is keeping the back entrance clear and getting ready to blast Dr. Hendricks - he has a clean shot at my guys inside.

Duncan Atkins ready to chop down another zombie. But having taking a shot from Bobby's high powered rifle, he's brought down by the zombie.

Father Rothchilds advancing on the warehouse.

A close quarter firefight started in the warehouse. Taking good use of the 'Lock and Load' rules, forcing me to take shots when moving around inside. In the end however the shotguns of Carla and father Job won over my opponent. The pistol and magnum simple wasn't strong enough, though father Job was taken out in the fight.

All the shooting brought in a nasty amount of zombies. And during all the shooting I forgot them for an entire round, then more came onto the board. So suddenly my guys were in real danger of getting trapped inside the warehouse - a very bad situation. 

Frederick Lewis was getting in trouble as well. He did a lot of shooting from the top of a shipping container. But it attracted a lot of zombies, climbing some palettes to get him. He did a good job, keeping them away. But once it had started, a new climbed as fast as he could put another down.

The constant stream of walkers climbing the container to try and eat Frederick Lewis.

I the end I got to a trash truck first and filled my fuel onto it. But Bai Wu was trying to start the truck from the other side of it. In the end my guys succeeded in starting it and bailing first. But unfortunately they didn't manage to fix it well enough - no permanent escape vehicle for my team.

Alice and Wade had spend most of their game on the ship. When things started to heat up on the center of the board, they ditched their supplies to get fuel on some smaller boats. So I didn't get many supplies from this game.

I did find a nice hunting bow. I'm gonna stick it on Robert 'Bobby' Munz, the new guy. Having an ammo 3 high powered rifle is bad. It makes too much noise and has to be constantly reloaded - so that was a bad investment. Gonna make the model again - with a hunting bow and an SMG instead.

My opponent made it out with his leader alive, so he hired a survivalist as well, with a big gun and some first aid supplies. Ian had joined the team.


  1. What a great-looking table! Nice shots of it, too.

    1. Thank you Marc. It was a pleasure to play on this one.