25 February 2019

Dunkeldort - first three painted

Painted up the three metal models I got as a gift from King Games, the guys behind Dunkeldorf Miniatures. These are hitting Kickstarter soon.

At first I really didn't know what to use the barber surgeon and mayor models. Not really playing any RPG games and not needing NPCs in our Frostgrave games.

But after looking the models over, they seemed perfect for my homemade Bloodbowl human team. One model being an excellent team owner, manager or coach. The other model is obviously an apothecary.

Went with the same colors as the team they work for, with some added white to the apothecary.

The new coach and apothecary in front of their team mates.

Bertha has a real nice Mordheim vibe going on for her.And I wanted to do that justice with fairly colors. I did add some striped pants, as that's all the rave in The Empire.

I'm still not quite sure what I'll use the rat catcher as, but she could be fielded as a thug in Frostgrave. But I'm also juggling some ideas for her as a pied piper and leader of a rat infestation. That could be a cool scenario.

Sponsored content: These models were gifted to me by a business, and I'm obliged by Danish law to write this.

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