5 December 2019

Anvil Industry - Black Friday bit bag

Anvil Industry run a nice black friday sale of miscast bit frames. I got one last year and it was full of absolutely amazing bits (many of which I haven't used yet).

So this year I got another bag, for the fun of it, I feel lucky. These bags (and Anvils bits in general) are super popular, so their new website broke down from all the black friday traffic. I managed to get through though - so yeah me!

I do have a feeling that there were more bits in the bag I got last year - but that might just be sweet memories as I didn't weigh them last year. And last year I got 10 complete (legs, arms, torso, heads) models in the bag (that's sweet).

This year it was 6 model, if I get some old space marine arms and heads and some feet greenstuff fixed on one body.

Here's all the goodies I got this year. Let's take a closer look. 

Super happy to have more bergen backpacks (was running low) and the assault shields I didn't have. These are perfect as I want to do some Spetsnaz types for Zona Alfa, inspired by the Order in Metro 2034.

The shotgun is huge, have to go on a big guy, like a marauder body or something. I might still have one of those, so he'll join my v8 cult. One of the arms is wielding a knife, that's a damn cool pose for a model someday.

Got some sweet modern military heads, that I don't have yet. These are nice to have for a lot of things. Some resin candles will come in handy for my dungeon terrain. And there's even three weapons for Gaslands conversions.

I don't play Warhammer 40k. But that big exo lord is super cool! I like his size. I think I'll be using him as a true scale deathwatch marine for an inquisitor someday.

These two are cool. One will become a neat cyberpunk drone. The smaller one will need repairs or it'll become an objective marker, return the broken drone thing.

Is the bit bag worth the money this year? Yes, I think it is. Great fun for me as I play so many different systems. I was hoping for a bit more of their modern stuff, as those ranges have expanded so much over the last year.

Crossing my fingers for the next time they do a sale.

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