19 December 2019

TNT: Snipe Hunt 1

Time for another TNT AAR. This was the second game I played against a mate using the s.t.a.l.k.e.r. inspired crew. I brought my team of Cannibal Mutants - still hoping for them to actually work out. ... they always seem to ahve a hard time.

The battlefield
We played a scenario with various hotspots, these hot spots had to be cleared of loot - gaining more caps and gear after the game. For the game we decided to setup a board with an old industrial harbor. We placed an old cargo ship, silos and similar terrain.

The hotspots were chosen to be evenly split on the board after setting it up.

This skirmish fight quickly seemed to be split on two fronts. Both the warbands were split evenly between the ship on one side and the road on the other. Knowing the the stalkers had the superior firepower (from our clash with a zombie infestation), my plan was to hug the cover, get close, take down the enemies with ganging up on them.

The Game
Four stalkers (not a stand in for their new elite) are clearing the cargo ship, loot being scattered in some of the old containers.

Quickly finding some potential gold in an old container.

The degenerates in the family, have really poor stats, and the campaigning haven't started good for them. Skulking through cover, they tried to get close and pin the ranged heavy stalkers down, prevent them from getting away with loot.

Staying close together the plan for my opponent was to take on the degenerates in melee, when they got close. Try and soften them up with a few shotgun shells and a molotov cocktail.

On the other flank of the battlefield my plan was the same. My tiny (a big brute) and mongrel would hug the cover, get close and deny the enemey their superier firepower. The less stupid youngins would take hold of the loot and carry it away.

A crossbow armed youngin getting into combat with a strong stronger, fighting over some potential loot.

A picture of the battlefield. Most of the terrain is made from scrap materials and have step-by-step guides here.

Moving slowly up the highway. The obese maw-maw can't move as quick, so she's taking it slow with her sons. A few steps and then fire some (super ineffective) shots at he enemy. The enemy carrying amongst other stuff a plasma rifle - a lot more dangerous than arrows and black powder.

A degenerate on the harbor, breaking from cover, getting ready for the sprint towards the enemy. A dangerous trip over open land.

We marked out the searchable areas with a concrete block on top. Here you can see their something to find in the excavators and the green shed.

Armed with an old black powder rifle a younging managed to get some good shots in on the stalker leader - eventually taking him down. Very nice to take the plasma rifle out of the equation.

The entire battlefield shown from another angle.

The stalkers, wanting to use their better skills in shooting and better weapons, took up position in one end of the road. Then a melee expert skulked forward to claim loot in front of me. In the end (absolutly against all odds) the mutant cannibals one the firefight and made it into melee with some of the stalkers.

On the other side of the board, near the harbor area, the stalkers did way better. Easily taking out the mutant degenerates and claiming the loot in this area of the board.

This was the second game for the team of stalkers and again they did good. In the first game the managed to get a hold of both a plasma rifle and a minigun - and enough cash to bring in another elite soldier.

After this game they got a bunch of caps for other upgrades - and found a wounded wasteland critter. With good a good dice roll, the stalkers now have four wasteland dogs to help out. A huge benefit - free cannon fodder to run forward and tie up enemies in combat.

On the other hand the mutant cannibals, for the first game yet, managed to not have anoyong die. For once the little family got a few caps in the bank, gained some good expereince points and didn't end up with a loss. Unfortunately the managed to fail all mettle rolls on the explorations rolls - despite drawing three picture cards.

Not a bad day - just not the best...

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