3 December 2019

Ghost Archipelago: Snake-Men

Another part of the core book bestiary is the snakemen. You won't roll up many at a time with the core rules, a lot more when you get around to one of the expansions.

I think the snakemen are a very weird kit, proportions on the models seem super weird - I'm not really a fan of these sculpts. I got them to see if they looked better as bits than they did on the photos.

I managed to get the snake men as part of a sale and resell 10 of the 20 models in the box. This will have me covered for the entries needed (or a complete warband) and the resell made my own models really cheap.

So fair deal. I've added some old GW lizardman shield to the models, as the shields form the kit are way to small for my taste. Been using blue as the color on the clothing parts. To make a contrast to the other cultures on the islands.

My Tribals are black and red. My Dricheans are purple.

For the skin tone on the snakemen I plan to use different nuances of red and green on all of them.

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