8 March 2021

Zona Alfa: The first crew

I really enjoy playing Zona Alfa and I'm a couple of games in to a solo campaign. Being a huge fan of both Stalker and Metro 2033 the game really hits something with me. 

I've been eying the Lead Adventure miniaures for years, but they're also a lot over what I normally pay for models - normally going for cheap plastic and conversion work. I got these guys cheap though, second hand. They had been for sale for a long while and I made an offer. They even came all base coated and based. 

If you like Zona Alfa make sure to check out that part of the blog. And we've also had the author Patrick Todoroff on for a chat on the Discord. Give it a listen!

The team
The beginning 12 point team, consisting of a leader, veteran, 2x hardened and 2x rookies. 

For the entire team I've gone the a simple palette of browns, greys and greens. The only real spot colors on the guys are the orange AK magazines and the blue eyes on their gas masks.

Oleg - Rookie
First up is Oleg, a rookie. Simply armed with a trusted AK47, a pistol and a couple of grenades. He's wearing a red headlamp to not mess up the night vision of his friends and himself.
Sulla - Rookie
The other rookie on the team is Sulla. This guy is also armed with a couple of grenades, wearing an old coverall tank drive suit. He's armed with a shotgun and meant to get in close and personal. ... which is kind of that because he only has one action.
Piotr - Hardened
One of the important guys on the team. Piotr is armed with a light machine gun and has skills to better use it. He can lay down a lot of fire in no time, and he's been getting a lot of kills in the games I've played so far. 
Dimitri - Leader
This guy is really rocking a leader pose. He had some bad conversion work done to him, he came equipped with a chain sword. ... Well that ugly thing had to come of and i found a pointed hand from a WW2 Warlord Games Russion instead. 

I love this models, he's so damn cool.
Sasha - Veteran
The veteran soldier Sasha is armed pretty much like the leader. A good trusted assault rifle and lots of action points. Usually Sasha will be leading half the team from one flank and the leader Dimitry will be taking the other side. 
Kirsh - Hardened
This is the sawbones, the medic on the team. He has the sawbones skill and comes equipped with as many bandages and smoke grenades as he can carry. I chose this pose as the medic, because of the running stance. He's moving quickly towards some wounded comrade in need of assistance. 


  1. Fab work on them all! I do like LAM they are on the expensive side of 28mm. I wished I had got some of there Hero packs as they are oop now.

    1. The models are amazing, but way above my price limit. And I never really buy new metal miniatures, as I don't like the material.

      I do however don't mind cheap second hand models. And these where like 1/2 of the original price or something like it. Just under 2 EUR pr model.

  2. They look great. Good hunting Stalker!

  3. Nice work. Zona Alfa is a great skirmish game. Which faction is your gang going to use?

    1. I've been going with Independents as that's how I mostly played Stalker myself. I am thinking of some black / red uniformed guys as well.

      But after playing a lot of Tarkov, gonna make some russian BEAR and western USEC PMCs I think.

    2. Awesome. I have been playing a team of military scientists who are investigating these 'anomalies'.

    3. I have a bunch of chem suited guys from North Star. Gonna be using those as something similar.

  4. Replies
    1. They're amazing! Absolutely brilliant sculpts. Lucky to get them half priced, incl. shipping and already basecoated.

    2. Lucky indeed. Did you get any more? Or just this one set?

    3. I got lucky. Got the 10 (or 12) different sculpts of the stalker types and 10 (or 12) veterans. Bearded guys with ushanka hats. Gonna make those into ex military types who stayed behind in the Zone after the USSR fell.

    4. Nice, now I wonder who got has the molds for the expanded range these days.