1 March 2021

Unboxing: Endure The Stars 1.5 - some kickstarter stuff

 A big part of my hobby stuff comes from cheap and lucky auctions. Either kickstarter boardgames or huge lots of used models. I've become quite good at figuring out, the rough price of reselling stuff. 

I got a super cheap deal on an Endure The Stars kickstarter pledge - like super cheap. I know nothing about the game and have zero interest in playing it. 

But it does come with a bunch of miniatures useable for both scifi, cyberpunk and horror gaming. 

Lots of duplicate models here for reselling. After resell auctions, I managed to break even on the investment. Only sold a few of the miniatures, but the boards and tokens went for a good price. So! Free models! Yeah. Love it when a plan like that comes together. 

And there's still plenty of models left to resell or give away. Gonna give away a box of miniatures for the Discord birthday in 21st March. 

Full unboxing video is below, looking a quality of the models, details comparing scale on so on. 

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