18 March 2021

TNT: Clearing out the prison - Pest Control

In this battle of This Is Not A Test. Two old enemy warbands clash together. The peace keepers of the common order and the khan slavers have both been hired to clear out zombie nests in an old prison. Rad zombies are a recurring problem in the wasteland. Somehow multiplying and banding together in huge underground nests. Good caps are paid for destroying nests and killing rad zombies. 

We used all the wasteland terrain to setup an old prison setup, added some zombie spawn points and a ton of scatter. All the wasteland terrain can be seen here. We put a spawn point inside the prison. This would allow a lot of zombies to spawn, and force us into nasty close quarter combat. 
A look inside the abandoned prison. 
My warband set up in two teams for the game. A strong fire team in one side, going to shoot down one spawn point and have the line breaker move in an destroy it. The outrider (sniper) was down with injuries in this game, otherwise he would have climbed the guard tower. 

On another flank the prisoners / sacrificial lambs took up position. They were left on their own to try and take out a spawn point (or get blown up for a success instead). 
The two zombie nests on the outside of the prison are potentially very dangerous - with bad rolls this will turn into a huge horde. And that'll be tough to battle through. 
This seems to be the perfect job for the old construction depend-o-bot that the slavers found in the wasteland recently. Armed with a flamer and a drill it moves in to take out the first zombie nest. It's unable to do so in one round, but he does start the wreckage well.
At the other central zombie nest my tough melee oriented line breaker has moved in. But not being good enough at breaking stuff, new rad zombies spawn. So the newest officer on the team is moved in as support, though only armed with a bayonet. 
The plan for clearing out the zombie nest farthest from me isn't going exactly to plan. The prisoners are on point quickly, but they don't succeed in breaking down the sever pipe - so new zombies will spawn and they'll have to deal with them. End plan is to just blow up all three and hoping that'll score me some victory points. 
The inside of the prison is slowly getting more zombies. They crawl out in the central room, brainless scrambling first towards the bared windows. It's some easy kills for the slavers armed with guns on the other side. 
Go for the brain! Bring it down!
My LMG trooper is in a good and covered position, with lots of fire he brings down the depend-o-bot, before it's able to finish the zombie nest. 
The slaver gang has been taking it slow. Staying in cover, shooting down zombies and taking shots at my guys. The death of the depend-o-bot force them to move closer. And that new up-armed maniac of a girl starts blasting RPGs at my peace keepers - who's too close to one another. That is quickly clear. 
This is around the turning point, where the battle starts to turn ugly and fighters start to fall. In the center, going for the points, two officers are moving towards the prison main doors - to clear some rad zombies inside. 
Nice and open, it should be no trouble to stay in cover and take out a bunch of these small ghouls.

Having taken out the first of the zombies nests, my guys get now opportunity to move towards the one where the depend-o-bot was. Because that bazooka armed slaver fires a huge rocket, that forces a couple of officers to the ground, crawling for cover.
At the far side of the mpa, the prisoners are still trying to close the zombie nest, but even being three guys, they are having trouble taking out all the spawning zombies. One prisoner is down, bassicaly a remote controlled corpse bomb - waiting to be triggered. 
On the inside of the prison, the slavers have made their the way through the prison. A line breaker, slaves with bomb collars and dogs. This is the time for them to start bringing down rad zombies and getting some victory points for the team.
The annoying blast of that RPG7 has forced my leaders supporters to the ground. And despite being a good fighter he's brought down by a rad zombie. This in turn force the guys already on the ground to take even another morale test. ...    
And they fail...  Crawling even longer away from the action, towards the table edge where the entered the board. away from the action and the enemies. 
A least the line breaker gets up in time to smash another zombie on the head. 
The rest of the battle is about getting as many victory points as possible. In the prison the sacrificial lambs fall and blow up, same goes for mine near the zombie nest. The slavers have not taken a lot of casualties, but the peace keepers has. There's only two guys left on the table by the last round. 

And this game is super close. In the end, the last dice to be rolled, a 50/50 dice will determine if the game ends as a draw or a lose for the slavers. They fail and the peace keepers steals the win. 

After battle rolls are okay for both teams. The depend-o-bot is killed in action and only saw a few battles. But money and loot are okay on both sides. As seems to be tradition my peace keepers doesn't roll too good on wasteland exploration, a couple of new injuries. But the crew does managed to rescue three small critters for the team. So time to paint up some small nasties for them to take care off. 


  1. I enjoyed reading that, thank you.

  2. Nice report. Love the Free State's scheme.

  3. As a resident of the "Free City", I approve of the map. "Yucky River" and "Frostburn" are hilarious. :)

    So cool that you're mapping the battle reports to real places. Let me know if you need any location photography!