4 December 2020

Sarissa Precision: Tower, bridge and windmill

Slowly I'm trying to build up a bunch of generic, western Europe inspired fantasy terrain. All the stuff I've had so far has been ruined and frozen for Frostgrave. As I don't play RPGs, I haven't had much reason to do these pieces. But after making the small Renedra huts for Rangers of Shadow Deep, I really wanted to expand on that fantasy board. 

And with Nightwatch and Rangers there's a chance I'll actually use the pieces. 

Sarissa Prescision have a lot of small cheop kits, easy to put together. Before looking and writing about the individual kits. Check out this little video of me flying over the current fantasy terrain collection. 

Wind mill
A classic fantasy town needs a wind mill. This is a huge kit, towers about the entire town. And it looks even more impressive standing on a hill. 

The painting of this kit was done after assembly - something I rarely do. Mostly done with spray paint. Brown, grey and red. After that the brown areas got a drybrush with another couple of browns - cheap acryllics. Then the entire thing was brown wash.

Square bases look off on terrain, so I rounded the corners on the base. Added sand, grass, moss, stones and a small tree. Give it some life and look more organic than a square base. 

I needed a stone bridge for a specific RoSD scenario - The Bridge Guards. And it's a nice little piece for other setups, using the Tiny Wargames rivers I have. There're some etched detail in the bridge and thin card detail as part of the kit. I cut out small rectangles from cereal boxes and glued some extra stone work here and there. Painted grey and drybrush. Just a small amount of stones will break up the flat mdf with no work at all. 

Painted the boards on the bridge brown as wood. Then added sand at the edge and in the middle. Dropped dirt with grass here and there. Figure wheels and use would keep the bridge cleaner in two tracks. 

I think that the bridge and river really add a lot of charm and fairy tale to the fantasy setup - and that's exactly what I'm aiming for. Nothing dark in this setting. 

Guard Tower
The small villages need a tower. Not a castle or anything. Just a small tower for a small garrison of guards. I've bought a Roman fort, it's a nice little kit. I was surprised at the size, it's smaller than I thought. 

The tower is a small pieces, comes apart and has a single interior floor. As with the bridge I've added some stone work with cardboard on each side, breaking up the flat surfaces. Grey spray paint, dry brushing in other greys and a layer of brown wash.

As with the windmill I've rounded the corners, as much as the small base allowed. Added moss as growing plants on the watch tower.

A beacon fire using the Mantic Games terrain crate kit.

And the entire fantasy terrain collection setup as a 6'x2,5' board. Need a bit more pieces to proper fill out a 4'x6', but I lots of plans. 

Besides the things below I have Renedra fences and four huts, a church and plans for some more fields (door mat). 

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