17 December 2020

Terrain: Torture Chamber

 After finishing some of my dungeon tiles, I had to get ready for some Rangers of Shadow Deep. For that I needed a torture chamber. 

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Torture Chamber

I went into the garage and dug out all manner of bit from my 'terrain crate' box - also having other kinds of bits. I gave a good amount of different torture chamber bits to use. Let's check them out.

A necromancer and a guard working at a table. Took one of my terrain crate tables and added bits from the bits box. A hand from a zombie kit, a bunch of knives from somewhere. There's a bag with a hand (think it's from FG cultists or Mantic zombies). Also used the doctors bag from Dunkeldorf and added a small candle, don't know where that is from.

A couple of reaper bones bits I got donated. Added a renedra base to the coal basket. The faun is from Admiralty Miniatures. 

An old HeroQuest bench, a prisoner from Terrain Crate and a Reaper Bones iron maiden. 

A couple more pieces from Reaper Bones. Painted up the bear trap to work in the torture chamber as well. The dwarven prisoner is from Admiralty Miniatures.

For this torture chamber and prison setup, I still need to build some cages. I think I'll be doing one and casting it a couple of times with plaster. 


  1. Haha, wow! Really nice torture chamber. Dark stuff of nightmares. I love all the attention to details. Also, seeing the faun in the chamber made me realize what happened to his member virilum. Poor thing! And poor Dwarf dam.

    Great work Bloodbeard!

  2. Lovely. Nice and dark and spooky

  3. Sweet!

    The hand on the table makes me think of Inquisitor Glokta from the First Law series. :)