18 December 2020

Closed for now

Taking a break from blogging. Having no motivation for the hobby at all. Despite having 30 blog posts ready as drafts... I don't feel like posting stuff. 

Thanks for checking in. New stuff might come at some point. But for now the blog will be off. 

"So what's the the making a statement about? Really? It's a bit ... drama?". Not really. It's to hold myself to it, because I've been thinking it for awhile.


  1. It's healthy to take a break and recharge. Just wanted to say I'm a frequent visitor and appreciate what you've posted, especially a lot of your tutorials and skirmish reports. Look forward to when you post again.

    1. Thank you good sir. Still working on getting around to how the blog will continue.

  2. Wish You the best, and looking forward to read Your posts again!

  3. Breaks are natural. Fingers crossed we'll see more of your great work later on. Recharge and do other stuff. :)