3 November 2022

Nightwatch: Watchers and retinue

Nightwatch is a cool little solo/coop fantasy game based on the Hardwired mechanics. But the game is written for campaigns or hunts - 7 linked scenarios. I'm gonna start playing the intro campaign, hunting for Malicus Crane an evil necromancer. 

The group for that hun is described in the book, and I've gone for those models. 

Guild of Blades

This guy is made to look big and intimidating. I've used an old Games Workshop bretonia men-at-arms body and given him a marauder helmet. His axe is from an old dwarf model and the shield is... I don't now. There's an orc skull on it, leather on the front and it 'knight' shaped. Looked cool filled with trophies. 

Guild of Mancers 
The story behind is that like The Witcher series, she appointed to a court as an adviser. This being a small city in the kingdom of Lorenthia (from RoSD) pre-Shadow Deep invasion. It's her that's called the rest of the Nightwatch into action. She's also the one who's drafted the retinue soldiers for the hunt. 

The model is Eva Eilhart from Dunkeldorf, gave here a Frostgrave female head, a scroll and skull (being a mancer) and use a torch flame as a fire spell. He meal hand was easy to bend into shape.

Guild of Alchymists

Another kitbash hero. Mancers are also fighters, so he's armed with a sword and dagger. I used a frostgrave cultist body, GW empire militia arms and an old state trooper head. Then I found different bits with puches, flasks and some round ones - that looks just like grenados. I think this guy looks like a fighter alchemist. 

Guild of Rangers
I think this guy is another frostgrave cultist, maybe he's a ghost archipelago crewman. I'm not entirely sure. The head is from an GW men-at-arms and the arms are from the Empire militia kit. The quiver is from old GW goblins and then he has some pouches, a dead rabbit and a sword in the belt. 


These are the Lorenthian soldiers, part of the city guard in the town where the Mancer is stationed. She's drafted a few soliders into joining the hunt and helping the Nightwatchers. 

First up is a crossbowman build entirely from FG soldiers kit. 

This soldier is a complete soldiers build as well, though I'm not sure where the shield is from. I liked the lantern, giving a nice city guard vibe, hunting some thief through the streets.

This spearmen is my favorite models of the entire bunch. I really like the pose I've gotten for him. He looks just like some guard sleeping at a city gate, not really caring about anything. The miniatures is a Northstar Oathmark human, given a GW high elf spear and an Empire militia helmet.

Check out the rules

I think you should check out some of Patrick Todoroffs games. Each of the games are truly excellent and most can be found right here on Wargames Vault.


  1. I really like all these conversions, especially how you've combined different manufacturers. They all really suit their concepts. I liked Hardwired a lot, and I've got Nightwatch somewhere, but never got round to it.

    1. I've also only played one game of it really. There's so many games out there, we're completely spoiled for choice.

      Thanks for the compliments, I love the kitbashing.