21 November 2022

Gallows and Executioner


Here's an executioner 3d printed by a friend. I had this printed up while waiting on the Dungeons and Lasers 3 to deliver (that also has a cool executioner in it). 

There's a scenario in Guilder: A Life In Shadows where the guilds try to rescue a condemned from the gallows. I added small blue details to the executioner, so there's a small tie in with the guards of my city. 

This is a 3d resin print. There was a bit of warping in the platform and at the top beam. It was a really easy fix with a bit of greenstuff. The paintjob was a quick base coat, wash, drybrush. I added a bunch of wanted posters to the gallows as detailing and a bit of blood - this is also used as a scaffold for beheadings. 

Thanks for reading people. 

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