29 November 2022

Forbidden Psalm warband

 Back for Horisont Con in May, we tried out Forbidden Psalm (Mörk Borg). It's a crazy random skirmish game with random characters and really deadly. I decided to paint up a warband for it using the mutants from King Games - Dunkeldorf line. 

This was also my first attempt at using Speed Paints. I've learned a lot since then, and I like the colors better now than I did when painting these. I made sure to use every colors in set set across these guys. 

A lot of pople love Mörk Borg and anything realated to it (there's been so many kickstarters with suff). The system and style is not really for me though. But it was decent fun trying out the game. At least it's a bunch a cool painted miniatures. 

You can find Forbidden Psalm here.

As you need a ranged fighter for Forbidden Psalm I did a bit of conversion work on this miniature. Gave him a crossbow, quiver and hand with bolt fro mthe bit box. Easy enough conversion to do, no problem there. The scale fit well. 


  1. Great work! I've been meaning to pick up some of the Dunkeldorf figures myself. I like what you've done with them (the crossbow conversion looks great) and they're a nice change of pace from the normal Mork Borg aesthetic.

    1. I do like Mork Borg weirdnes. Was planning to do a bunch of old The Others demons for it, but for now the game is parked anyway.