19 July 2021

Frostgrave: Necromancer Warband

 Back in the day, before Covid came back and closed everything again - I and two friends wanted to start a new FG campaign. As with all new campaign, I always do new models. This time I wanted to play a Necromancer - going in really heavy on summoning to build themed models for it all. 

The campaign never got started though and at this point I've moved on to a full focus on Guilders - A Life In Shadows! But the warband is nice and it's mostly based to fit use in other games as well. 

Full starting warband, after a few succesful spells. 

My apprentice on the left, an old metal GW chaos sorcerer. Painted a long time ago, just gave him a touch up and added some red runes to his skull mask and staff. On the right is a Massive Darkness wizard. I modded his staff with a cool skull and added some skulls to his belt. 

I really like the cyan bright eyes. 

Summon Animal - zombie bears
I love summon animal companion and the bear has a fantastic profile. I've painted up bears for multible warbands. These are Nolzur and Reaper Bones bear models. I chopped by pieces of plastic from them, and sculpted with greenstuff as wounded areas. Then added arrows sticking out from them.

Illusionary Soldier
I've had these gost for a long time. They're from some warhammer vampire spirit wagon thing. Cut the ghosts a bit shorter. They've been painted white, with a couple of blue wash layers. Can be used as ghost for anything, but I've chosen illusionary soldier - just to bring these. It's about enhancing the story of the 

Animate Construct
These have a very high casting number, but I wanted to bring gross constructs for the Necromancer. I've painted up two The Others demons and a Reaper Bones flesh golems. These are to be used as medium and large constructs - with a bit of luck. 

A final word

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  1. Great work as always man!!

  2. Nice work on those zombie bears!

    1. Thank you, happy about how they turned out!

  3. Great looking warband, I love how You necromantized all the summoning spells!

    1. It's making for a very stricking theme - not sure it's too effective ingame though. He has so many out of game spells with a really high casting number.