13 July 2021

Guilders - A Life in Shadows

The blog has been dormant for some time. I haven't really been focussing on it at all. Well, now it's time to tell why.

For the last few months I have been working on a Tabletop Roleplaying Miniatures Game.

Guilders - A Life in Shadows

A game about thief guilds, with living NPC environments and a long campaign.

It is lifted from a nostalgia of Mordheim and the Warhammer Quest RPG book.
And created from the desire to own a miniature fantasy city that is fully Baldurs Gate or Tarbean from The Name of the Wind.

Built on experience from the last 7 years full hobby focus on skirmish gaming. 

I have missed a skirmish game that had a greater degree of role-playing in it. The game I wanted to play I could not find, they were all missing a little something - so now I'm writing it myself.

Now after a lot of read throughs, changes and game tests it's reality. Therefore, it is now coming out to public beta.

Here's the cool stuff:
  • 1.3 Beta (a playable game)
  • Tokens (all the tokens you might encounter in the game)

Games live through community, so it needs to be built up and I really want to have fresh eyes on the game.
Right now the core is working, it's a game that can be played. But I might be blind to broken rules. The next update will be with the first edition of the campaign section.

So I just share the link to the Facebook community group, hoping you will follow the process, watch the game and maybe even try it.

You're also more than welcome to join the Discord or tag #Guilders #ALifeInShadows wherever out there. 

I'm really looking forward to sharing the progress on this game and all the miniatures and terrain I'm working on. 


Søren Bloodbeard Bay


  1. Hadnt got the time to dive fully into it, but the first look is pretty promising! Im obviusly a fan of the Frostgrave-like engine, and the added Mordheim flavour and stealth mechanics looks promising too. Some quick remarks:
    - Overwatch with those ranged weapons may a bit (depending on the terrain) a bit overpowered, maybe a negative modifier would be good to add.
    - Throwing weapons look too expensive for 1 use.
    - Could be interesting, if the alarm tokens wouldnt be removed, but would stay on board, but not on the character: representing where the suspicius person was last seen, and this could affect guard movement.
    - Guard intervention and guard activation is not clear for me. But as said, hadnt got a lot of time to read, so it can easily be my fault.
    Thats for today, I will continue with it (because I like what I read untill now)!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. The Overwatch modifier is now on the list of things to consider for tweaking. So far it's not been overpowered, not on our densely packed boards. Gonna spend a lot of time getting into good positions.

      The Guard stuff works really quick, when you get a hang of hit. But it's the must coplex part of the game. Gonna put as much effort into clearing it up as possible. Also gonna make flowcharts.