24 July 2021

Guilders 1.32


After some more playtesting I've updated to 1.32. There's a bunch of minor tweaks in there. I have a list of further tweaks, items and more skills to add. But to not get bugged down in constat core tweaks, those will come later. 

Decided to start working on the campaing. All the over tweaks will now be noted done. I will add those for 1.4 that'll have the campaign. Otherwise I could do nothing else but upload minor tweaks. 

So far I'm thinking for campaign, so please add your ideas as well. 

Looking to start writing the campaign for Guilders. But it's a daunting task to start. The 'core' pretty much wrote itself after starting. But this is a bit like starting over. 

Made a list of things I must include. Most parts should help tell the story (of the guild and characters). I want each dice roll to be part of telling a story. Please go over the list and add whatever ideas og parts you find missing. 


*Staring a guild (like in core)

- Guild Hall / Areas of control. Upgrades for the guild, can be worked between games. Offer some bonus in game or for loot. Doctors room, smithy, brothel. Story: Shows growing influence. 

*After the games

- Levelling, XP

- Loot tables

- Injury / captured 

- The city / work: Sending guilders into the city for random encounters

*Trading / hiring

- buying / selling gear, rarity of items

- Hiring guilders - not all will be availble after each game. 

*Fame / Infamy

- some kind of guild / warband rating. 

- Inducements, bonus for warbands that's far behind someone else. Offer a bit of balnce in games between uneven warbands.

WIP shots
Here's some photos from the last playtest, where we played Tavern Brawl. Excellent game with a new player and some great feeback from fresh eyes. 

WIP photo of a crowd base. 

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