5 December 2021

Terrain - Innterior

 I've painted up a bunch of interior for the TTCombat Inn that I've made. This is a mix of all manner of bits. 

The tables are Mantic Games Dungeon Saga and Terrain Crate, so is the bar. The barrel stacks is a mix of bit box, christmas decor and Renedra. The large resin barrel is from Dunkeldorf. 

It was all base coated in different brown nuances and then painted after that. Fairly quickly done. 

There's a scenario in Guilders - A Life In Shadows that has interior play in an inn, so had to get some stuff done for it. 

There's all manner of different bits and bobs on the tables. Some are warhammer, some from Dunkeldorf and other random bits I don't know where is from. There's some Terrain Crate as well.

I do like the round tables from Terrain Crate. But it's a bit weird that they warp. Even after hot water treatment they bend the wrong way. 

The fireplace and wine racks are terrain crate. The bits added to the fireplace is dunkeldorf, Anvil Industries resin candles and terrain crate bottles. 

Only added a few pieces here and there to the bar sections.

The dwarf mugs, from an old warhammer dwarf kit. Excellent bits, I've used almost all I had now. The is a bit stable, used in countless conversions over the years. 


  1. I've tried to paint interior terrain in the past, but it felt too much like dolls house furniture. You've done a good job.

    1. It does come a bit towards doll house furniture. But it adds a lot for certain scenarios. But that will always be my motivation. Specific scenarios.

  2. Very good work - the bits go really well together. I've had trouble with terrain crate too. I had to basically rebuild their market stalls. It's a shame as the sculpting is pretty good.

    1. I have a single market stall - it's a very good bit of terrain. I had to super glue mine though, lots of connections were bad.