10 December 2021

Guilders - City Guard

In Guilders: A Life In Shadows the guards will get better and more dangerous as the criminal guilds cause Alarm during the game. First is the Town Watch, simple local militia armed with batons and staffs. 

When the Overall Alertness (the stacked Alarm from during the game) reaches 10, better guards will start to spawn onto the playing area. These are City Guard, actual trained soldiers from the barracks. These are armed with real weapons and good armor. 

With stats as good as most Guilders and better armor, they are a bad thing to fight. And if a guilder is taken out of action, from a City Guard they roll on the injury table after the game. That adds a risk of stat decreases, long times bedridden or even death. 

Fighting Town Watch will only leave them in jail and fined. 

The miniatures

While waiting on the excellent city guard from Dungeons and Lasers, I've kit bashed my own. Making them distinct from town watch I've used bodies with metal armor. Perry Miniatures and some old Warhammer bits.

For their bracers I've gone with metal instead of leather colors. And for helmets I've been using Perry and Bretonnian bits, for a cooler look (compared to the simply skull caps of the townwatch). 

Half the city guard have been armed with swords and Oathmark shields. The other half I've armed with halberds, for that classic guard look. 

The plan is (in time) to add even more guards, enough for actual Oathmark regiments. 


  1. They look like they mean business.

    1. They do! These guys are trouble to be fighting, it's not a nice thing fighting them.

  2. Good-looking bunch!

    I like the different variations on the blue and white shields.

    1. It's an easy way to make some different look. Some like the uniform in having copied shields. I always do it this way!