25 February 2022

Guilders: Civilians

 A big part of Guilders - A Life In Shadows is the civilians in the city. It was a key part of the inspiration from the very beginning. In Reality's Edge there's civilians on the board during gameplay - but they are unfortunately very static and didn't add a lot. 

In Guilders I wanted to change that. Quicker rules for moving them around and all carry loot that the thief guilds can steal from them. 

All civillians start with Loot I (the cheapest, least valuable loot). They move in the end of each turn. Roll a d10, move that many inches using the dice as a pointer. Civilians in Guilder's do not 'bump' and get stuck into corners. 

If there's a building in their way, they'll move around it, to proceed in the direction the dice pointed. Should they bump into a board edge, they'll move their full move directly opposite instead. That way keeping the civilians on the board and in the center.

When there's enough Overall Alertness (trouble) in the city, they'll start leaving the board.

Civilians are placed as singles or in crowds (more on that in a later blog). For standard scenarios you will need 4 single civilians and 4 crowds (I have 3 miniatures on mine). 

Remember all Guilders rules can be downloaded here


These are made from Fireforge Games folk rabble. I think the cat is from Warlord Games. Fit perfectly in the basket, so this is a crazy cat lady. Her head is Female Soldiers I from Frostgrave, as all the folk rabble looked very angry. 

Bases are XPS foam and Greenstuff World rollers. 

The left woman is made entirely from FG female soldiers and folk rabble. The middle is all folk rabble kit. The miner on the right (he has a colleague, not yet painted) is folk rabble with an added Perry Miniatures helmet. Figured as a miner he should wear a helmet. 

The woman carrying the water bucket is a 3d printed miniature I was gifted. The other too guys I'm not sure about the bodies. Head are old Warhammer empire militia / soldier heads. The arms are from Oathmark human soldiers, with their weapons cut off. Wanted these two to look like citizens, a bit better off than the peasonts. Seen on their hats, colors and cape. 


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