20 February 2022

Terrain: Village Maison Belle and Youtube Video

 Slow and steady work continues on my dream fantasy city for mainly Guilders: A Life In Shadows. This is one of the smaller and cheaper kits from TTCombat, 25mm world war 2 buildings. They do upgrade really great to fantasy buildings though. 

There's photos of the completed build and a YouTube video below, but first som WIP shots. 

The Build

Roof and Timberframe

The kit is simple and quickly build. It has some decent burned detail timberframe, but I'll cover that with plaster. 

The first thigns done is simple timberframing with coffee stirrers and popsickle sticks. The roof is made from strips of cardbaord with small cuts. Never do individual roof tiles, it's a stupid amount of work. But these strips are very quick to could and stronger when glue in place. 

The top part of the roof is made with a broad piece of cardbaord, as I want a 1cm flat surface on the top. This was fixed in place with a bit of greenstuff. Great addition, as it'll allow chracters to stand on the roof. 

Stonework, walkways and plaster
I' want ground floors in stone on all my buildings. For this I've used two diffent thickness of cardboard. On the corners of the building I've used the thickest made sure there was 0,5mm space between them, for a better drybrush and wash effect. 

Then added a few stones here and there on the walls.

Added some walk ways on both sides of the building, again for better skirmish game playability. Drilled holes through the house and added some beams from bbq skewers. On this I added some thin mahogany boards, scavanged from the local hardware store. Could have used some coffeee stirrers as well. 

The plaster is pre-mixed wood filler with added wood glue for extra strength. Just add it with an old brush you don't mind dying.

Painted up
A lot of the work is done with spray paint. Grey on the ground floor, red on roof, with on first floor. Everything else is then painted with cheap acryllic paints. For the stones I mix as I go to get different tones on the build. 

The entire build is washed in homemade brown wash - thinned cheap brown and dish soap. On the white parts I paint on wash then soak up most of it with a piece of cloth. The plaster makes it's easy to do a drybrush on the building, getting a better color on the build. 

I've made ivy with some old saw dust flock and added a ton of Army Painter flowers to the different windows. Smoke for the chimney is made with teddy bear stuffing glued down with super glue.

A Youtube Video

Had a small chance of making a few video clips. So I setup some cameras in order to make some material. Did a quick video where I show off the above building and my Peacock Inn

Tried some new stuff in the video as well, working a bit with video software. Adding a bit of background music. 

I've setup a Linktree, a quick way to collect all the social media links together. Check it out and drop some support on the various places. 


  1. I’ve just happened across your blog and I have to say how awesome your scenery builds are, I’ve spent a fair bit of time going back through your posts and your collected scenery posts with links are outstanding - really inspires me to get on with some more of my plans using your tips and tricks (especially the cyberpunk stuff), excellent work and thank you for the details provided!

    1. Cheers Jamie. Glad you found this place then. It's been my hobby journal for years near, getting rather big with the amount of stuff in here.