1 March 2022

Guilders: A Life In Shadows - 1.44 beta

Guilders - A Life In Shadows 1.44 beta released today.

In this version there multible grammar fixes. There's added a lot of RPG content to the campaign part. The Roam the City entries are growing. There should be enoug for multible games without getting the same results. 

Roam the City is part of the original ideas / motivations when coming up with Guilders.

Part of the 'after game action' should be exploring the city, so not all the story is told through the scenarios. It's coming along nicely - and it's rather massive. But I like it. So far 20 enties (of 90) written, with multible choices and dice rolling in most of them.

What's left to do?
Lots of solo testing - but that is haltered by some very real life challanges with room for testing. I would really like to film it will going, to make some videos at the same time. 

Grind Writing - getting the rest of the Roam the City entires written. 

Then it's time to learn editing, setting up a book and getting some artwork for the book.

I've setup a linktree for all me SoMe in regards to Guilders and Bloodbeard's Garage. 

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