20 May 2022

Guilders: More Inn Patrons

Back when I started Guilders, I found and build all manner of various civilians. Old Reaper Bones minis, some 3d prints and a lot of kitbashing. A bunch of them were done with an inn / drinking theme. Let's check them out. 

First up is an excellent inn keeper miniature from Blacklist, I really like this miniature. It was a bit hard figuring out the whole apron design, what was what. Also painted up his wife, a reaper bones miniature. This was originally bought for bloodbowl as a bloodweiser babe.

The monk is a 3d print I was gifted as part of another order. The guy carrying a tray with mugs is a kit bash. Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago head, body and arms from Fireforge peasents and mugs from old GW dwarfs. 

I think the barrel and mug on his back is from an old bretonnia men-at-arms kits.

These drinking patron are mostly Fireforge peasents but with added GW dwarf mugs. The pipe smoke is a tiny bit of teddy bear stuffing. The huge guy on the right is a Dunkeldorf resin miniature, a promo for one of their campaigns. 

And here's my entire inn patrons setup. I've written blogs about the sitting miniatures and terrain as well. 

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  1. Very cool, I didn't know that the Dunkeldorf figs were so big compared to other 28mm.

    1. They're really not. This was a test print preview miniature I got, the metal mini is smaller.

  2. I like them all - they make a good group of revellers! The whole tavern looks excellent.