26 June 2022

Guilders - Let's Play and Logo

 Hello hobby people! 

A few news about Guilders: A Life In Shadows. Work continues - but it's slow. Sommertime is different hobbytime for me, it's all outside stuff. So miniature hobby is always on a slow burn this time of year. 

That being said, there's a few news regarding Guilders. 


I've comissioned a logo for the game. There's some minor tweaks being worked out - like switching the scales, so the illegal part is heavier. 

But I don't want to wait with putting out new stuff, so here's the first official logo. 

Youtube - Let's Play

I've edited the second solo play video and uploaded it to youtube. In this scenario my solo play guild is going into a temple, to rob all the old relics. They are however protected by paladins. 

Go check out the movie - it covers everything. Lots of rules, guild, skills and the entire end game sequence. That's also why it's rather long. 

Show some love and hellp spread the word. I want Guilders to get out there. I plan to do a larger amount of SoMe stuff over the summer. So please help out by growing the various platforms. Go to the linktree and drop follows all over the place. 

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