13 July 2022

Guilders - Lite Version

Guilders - Lite Version

The rulebook is getting pretty big and I realise that can be daunting to read for someone checking out a rule system (especially in a pure word-doc format).
So I've edited a Lite version of Guilders: A Life In Shadows. I hope that some of you will check it out and offer some feedback on the rules - or try out the game.
The Lite version is condensed to ~30 pages. It includes all the basic rules for the game, a scenario and three premade starting Guilds. It's filled with page references (for easy flipping back and forth) - It's perfect to try out the game.
All campaign stuff, skill section, marketplace have been removed. References to rules not used are gone as well. Instead the skills and gear is referenced directly in the starting warbands. It can't be easier to try out the system.
The Lite rules and the starting guilds are all uploaded to the public drive.

Find it all here: Google Drive

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