20 September 2022

Guilders: Temple Guardians / Paladins

In Guilders: A Life In Shadows there's a heist called 'Pious Pickpockets' where the guilds will break into a temple and try to steal some relics. The temple is protected by some paladins (same stats as the Royal Guards). 

I found a bunch of miniatures from Blacklist Fantasy Series 1 that had a paladin vibe going for them. I also bought the army painter colored metal set for them. These fit fairly well with my monks

I hate basecoating in black - it's the worst! But it's also the way to go for these colored metals to work. I really like how they look, but it's hard to capture on the phot. In reality the difference between the red cloth and red metal are more distinct. 

Here's an elf and a human.

These are the most paladin looking types of the bunch. A human priest with a nice power pose and a dwarven paladin. 

I've deliberately chosen differnet colored hair for all the miniatures. 

The bases are as always made with XPS foam and rollers from Green Stuff World. 

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