2 September 2022

Guilders - The guild of gifts

 Over on the Discord we have something called "Pledge, Paint or Pay". Where members make themselves a hobby pledge and a forfeit fee, should they fail. It's all for motivation and good fun. One of the members, the excellent Lars G, lost a pledge and decided to paint a warband for someone. 

I was lucky to win the warband and wished for a Guild for Guilders: A Life In Shadows

Besides wishing for a guild, I left it completely up to Lars what to do. He set himself the challenge of include different fantasy races and use different skin tones on all miniatures. 

I've very happy to own this guild, great miniatures. They have a lot of character and Lars paints in some very nice bright colors. 

This guild I've since given stats and use for intro games for Guilders.

The game is miniatures agnostic, you can use any miniatures you find fitting for the setting. And there is a lot of guilder profiles available. 

This miniatures I run as an orc thief, a drow thief and an enforcer. I simply love the guy in the middle, it's such a damn cool pose. 

Here's a halfling thief, a human street urchin, gnome charlatan and a steet urchin tiefling. I do like the Warcraftesque colors and look on these guys. That green hair on the gnome is brilliant.

Here's the Guild Master for the guild. Obviously have excellent thoughts about himself wearing a crown and all. The golem type is run as a thug or bruiser.

Lastly is a huge thug, a really nasty type of person and a halfling acrobat. I love how the acrobat is wearing a squirrel on the hood.

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