30 January 2023

Terrain: Overview of the 3'x3' city

This is kind of a summary post. I've finished up a full 3'x3' board of painted city terrain. This areas is what Guilders: A Life In Shadows is written for, so it's a nice accomplishment to actually getting around to finishing it. Now it's all just about getting more clutter, more life and variation onto it. 

Here's a youtube video going over the different stuff. 

I have collected all the different blog posts about this project on this page right here: Fantasy City Board hub. 

When doing terrain I always take lots of photos and write step-by-step guides for it. My style is always simple and cheap techniques for huge upgrades. 

Thanks for checking out the blog! You should consider checking out the Discord server, it's grown into an amazing community with some very lovely people. 

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