9 January 2023

Terrain: TTC Houses

 More TTCombat mdf houses for the Fantasy City board, used for Guilders: A Life In Shadows

So far I've build an entire 3'x3' board worth of buildings. These are more of the super cheap "25mm" WW2 house from TTC. The size fits well for both 28mm and 32mm miniatures. 

For a full ste-by-step tutorial on how I upgrade these houses to something nicer, you can check out this previous blog post

I also talk about the upgrades and show the buildings in this video: 

The Swedish House
I try to mix up the colors for all my buildings, so I have as many different combinations of colors as possible. All houses colors are also some I've found doing research online. Another way to change them up, is I've placed chimneys differently and the board ledges as well.

The furnace is from Terrain Crate by Mantic Games. It was a quick little piece to do, but adds some nice life to the city board. Will fit equally will in a dungeon. 

The other little building is a shop. I found some checkered fabric pieces and just for awnings. The buildings come with grey board, but a quick upgrade to real fabric does so much for the life of the building. I've used the online Coat of Arms maker, to make some signs for the buildings - that I'll get around to adding at some point... in some future. 

Whenever I build some terrain I make sure to cover the build process with a blog post and step-by-step guide. So follow the different SoMe platforms, if you want to make sure to catch them. 


  1. Great stuff, those TTCombat houses are good value.

    1. Excellent value! It's a very cheap and fast way to fill out a board.