16 September 2023

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

 My kids simply loves Nurgle. Back when 8th edition 40k came out, I bought a ton of Nurgle and Deathguard stuff for cheap or free (the regular buy, resell, break even trick). Also got the Forge World daemon prince of nugle miniature. 

It's been in the garage for years, but now it's painted up. All Army Painter Speedpaint (except the metal). Also gave it a gloss varnish for that shiny wet and gross look.

I'm especially happy with the look that came out on the rusted decayed metal parts. 

I made the hoses from the arm to the barrel myself with greenstuff, I must have lost the originals at some point. 

He's standing nice and gross in the cabinet with the other nurgle dudes. 

I mostly do non GW stuff, all manner of smaller indie and skirmish games. I post about it here and there, my main pressence is over on Discord. So maybe jump in there and have a look. It's all collected over on LinkTree

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