11 September 2023

Insurgent Earth: The Institute crew

 This is a crew I've painted for a community competition over on the Stalker7 facebook community, it's a nice place. Patrick Todoroff collects all his different systems in that one group, a brilliant idea not splitting everything up. He also runs fairly regular competitions. 

I found these miniatures in the boxes in the garage. They are from Endure The Stars and The Others, both kickstarters I've gotten cheap and broken even on by selling excess minis. These are for Insurgent Earth, a solo/coop system. 

They are three scientists from The Institute (that's also part on my Zona Alfa lore) and their two military guides. They're painted quickly with speed paint, with only prewashing on the skin parts. The institute has their regular yellow color scheme with blue details and the blue triangle. 

I haven't checked if the group is in anyway rules legal, but it was a nice excuse to use some of those models just living in a box. 

Here they group are with their t.r.o.l.l. suit done for a Zona Alfa competition. 

The conversion work on these was very minimal, it was just adding packs to all the characters and a few belt details. Super easy, but making them more tacticool. 

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