20 May 2023

Guilders: 1.6 - the final public beta

Today I've uploded the final public beta for Guilders: A Life In Shadows to the public google drive. 

1.6 changes quite a bit from the previous one. 

- Skills: Many changes, especially to hight level skills. 

- Stealth: Have seen some changes to make it work much better in the game. You can move more and guard AI has been changed. 

- Injuries: The injury system has been tweaked to be more interesting in campaign play. 

- 50 Roam The City entries - giving you lots of options for a long campaign, without getting the same all the time. (Final book will have 100). 

- Crafting has been changed. Doctor, Alchemy and Tinkering are more streamlined and fun now. 

- Solo/ccop options for all the different Heists. 

- An English Writing author have read through the entire (98%) thing, fixing uncounted errors.

Download the rules right here and please share it around: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QgOD7G3eYUppV07vF_K5aypvIg9NyuQu?usp=sharing

Feedback is still very much appreciated!

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