17 June 2023

Guilders: The Rogue Circus

 This is the third guild I'm building for Guilders: A Life In Shadows. With the release of 1.6 we decided to start over with completely fresh guilds. The old guilds had done 10 games with no problems, so now it's time to start something new. 

I wanted to make a complete guild using only Dungeons and Laser miniatures. I have two kickstarters from them, just lying around and haven't gotten around to using them. 

Second it was nice to check just how well these miniatures fit. And I'm happy to show that with Woodhaven 3 you'll be able to make absolutely everything needed for the game. Guilders, civillians and guards. 

I'm really impressed with the Archon Studios miniatures, their design is very well thought out. There's very little visble mold lines and most connection points are very well hidden, due to smart sculpting. 

The Rogue Circus
I just picked some cool miniatures I liked and then made the guild afterwards, taking profiles that would fit the miniatures well. In the end I've ended up with a Rogue Circus, a guild of artists and circus workers. They are all following the Guild Master, a retired acrobat. 

I've base coated all brown from below and white from above. Then washed in some areas. Low points in cloaks, a light tone wash on all faces (I really don't think speed paint crusader skins works otherwise), around belts and such. All it then painted in speed paint colors. 

I use the same bases for all my miniatures in Guilders. Only metal miniatures are on 1mm renedra pre-made bases. All the others are 1mm XPS foam on 1mm bases, textured with a green stuff world roller and sealed with mod podge. The plastic bases from Dungeons and Lasers are simply going on sale, to bring down the price on the actual miniatures. 

Guild Master and Enforcer
My Guild Master is the famous and now retired acrobat Baron von Fox the Red! A master acrobat, turned thief as his star and fame started to fade. He has a medium armor and a one-handed weapon. I've given him climber skill (two move actions for climbing) and dive attack (a powerful attack, that gives more bonus the longer the dropdown). 

The enfocer is the old beast hunter from the circus. An experienced big game hunter, she is armed with a harpoon (halberd) and hand crossbow. She also have a medium armor (you can only buy 1 at the start of the game, but I quickly found one after a game). 

Fortune Teller (Courtesan) and Charlatan
I've never tried using the courtesan in the game before, the courtesan can do a special job between games 'working the streets' and generate more income for the guild. It's nice, as you're often poor especially early on. 

The charlatan is a hedge magician, having the 'control crowd' cantrip, to make sure the people in the circus was doing alright. The control crowd cantrip lets a player move around the civillian 3" crowds on the board, neat for blocking off guards. 

The apothecary is a nice character to have in the guild. They start with the doctor skill (reroll injuries or cure bedridden characters) or the can use the alchemy skill to generate more items for the guild. Potions, medicine, poisons and bombs is always nice.

The apothecary worked at the circus making drinks for sale to the crowd, cure ailments with the artists and such. 

These two miniatures are also called thieves in the actual kickstarter. I reckon these have been regular stage hands at the circus, not artists really. I've added stripes to their pants, as they add so much detail to a mini with little work. It also gives them a really nice lego pirate look. 

In guilders I've chosen lockpick skill for both of them. Also gave them bolas, so they can try an knockout some enemies, to take their stuff. 

Scum and brute
This have been workers at the circus. A scum is a cheap guy to add to the guild, can't really do anything well. I've used given mine a club, to bonk some guys and take their stuff. The brute starts with a lot of strength and I've given him a crowbar. Break into house, fill the backpack with loot and get out. 

Street Urchin
These are super cheap characters, that can't do many tricks. They do however have some nice rules. Two children count for one character (so you can come above 10 on the board) and guards ignore them until they carry loot. 

Both my street urchin start with the pickpocket skill.

Guilders: A Life in Shadows is a 28mm skirmish campaign game, it's miniatures agnostic - so use whatever you find cool. There's large TTRPG elements to the campaign part of the game. You play as thief guilds trying to make it in a big city. There's rules for civillians and guards, that the game controls based on player actions. 

You can find the beta rules (and a Lite version), starting warbands and similar stuff right here: Google Drive.

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  1. The thief displaying her wares in her cloak is great.

    Nice job on the pants stripes! I never have the courage. :)

    1. It's a very cool miniature. Stripes are awesome. Back in the day I also painted eyes, but I've stopped doing that madness.