10 January 2018

40k: Foetid Bloat-Drones

I think these are some of the coolest models I've ever owned. Dark, grim, ugly. They fit my image of the dark 40k setting perfectly.

Besides being cool looking, they are brutal on the battle field. I've no plan of running them with flesh-mowers or greater blight launchers. The plague spitter in combination with the FLY rule is a bloody combo. A must in a Death Guard army.

I've been very succesful with keeping a Herald of Nurgle nearby, buffing the strength of their weapons and healing them if injured.

I haven't done any conversion work on these models. But I have used different colours for the skin, boils and metals. And added some different stripe patterns on the front of them as well.

I have three more of these models, but I'm gonna convert them into Mythic Blighthaulers instead. Get a bunch of cool bits from them as well.

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