28 January 2018

Frostgrave: Witch and Apprentice

Currently I'm playing with a Witch in Frostgrave. It's nice to play something other than an 'elemental bolt' wizard. This guy is mostly running support on his own guys, brewing potions and controlling animals on the field. 

The wizard is an old Games Workshop chaos sorcerer. I got the model in a lucky Ebay deal for only €1. A heavy chunk of metal this one, and almost filling out his 25mm base. I guess he'll tamper with some demonic magic at some point, he certainly looks that way.

His apprentice is a resin model, don't know where he's from. It was a freebie from my hobby stuff supplier King Games. He (or perhaps she) is also showing his status by carrying around his maters big book.

Went with some natural, wooded colours fitting for witches. Brown base coat and a few other colours added to them.

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