31 January 2018

Dungen Saga: Elshara the Elven Banshee and ghosts

Elshara is a very nice banshee miniature, has the right feel to it. Reminds me of the description of the Dark Elf ghost in Dragonlance Chronicles. She's in agony.

The ghost are real classical. Ball and chain - couldn't be more traditional horror story.

Quick paintjobs. The banshee was base coated green and drybrushed with luminescent paint from Vallejo. The ghost are grey and black, with the same luminescent gren on the inside. The semi glowing effect is hard to capture with the camera.

Based like my other Dungeon Saga miniatures. Differenct greys and brown on the cobble stone. Birch tree seed leaves, some green and brown tufts.

The Ghost models will also serve as Frostwraiths in Frostgrave. As they frostwraith are not immaterial and these model look more that.

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