9 December 2018

Last Days: House Rules

Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse is a neat little sandbox rule system. Straight forward and fairly simple. After playing a bunch of games however, we've come up with a extra rules however. Small additions tweaking the game.

Loss of a Leader
From the RAW you get a free new leader if needed - shows up out of nothing in dire times to save the day.

In case of a dead leader, a group member is nominated to be the new one. This model immediately gains the skill 'Leader', gains +1 Courage and upon level-ups has access to the 'leader skill tree'.

 The original didn't make sense to our groups and the stories we've written for them - plus a hardened group of many battles wouldn't just allow a newcomer to take over. 

Not a mule - maximum carrying capacity
Decreasing the amount of weapons and equipment a character can carry.

A maximum of two large weapons: rifles, heavy, sporting, shotguns, heavy club, heavy blade, chainsaw.
The other weapon slots can still  be filled with: knife, club, pistols, SMGs and grenades.

Max two utility items in bag: rope, first aid kit, booze, noise maker, ammo re-roll etc.

After playing four games, we still didn't have anything stashed in our refuge - nothing to loose if overrun. Because survivors have so much room for gear, you'll also end up only storing small bad gear. This is to force better equipment management and choice when setting up characters. 

And preventing bringing in a new character carrying 10 first aid kits. 

The armory - refuge perk
The three ammo re-rolls generated must be allocated like items, to specific characters prior to the next engagement. Can't be stored for later games, they are still for one game only.

Shattered glass!
A character can enter a building through a window. The first time done, the window will generate Noise 1. 

Action: Make Noise
A character may spend 1 AP to generate 1 Noise.

Zombies - the other types
The zombie mechanism works really well. But we have so many other models, that we've come up with rules for more types.

When rolling for noise, and rolling 7+, roll an additional d6. On a roll of 6 the zombie is special, role d6 for type below.

1-2 Dog: AP 6 (instead of normal AP5)

3-4 Fatty: CQC 3 (instead of normal CQC2) 

5-6 Riotgear Zombie: Shoot the in the head on a 6 (instead of normal 5 and 6)

No free rout
It's not an option to choose to rout at the start of a round. You must get your models off the board. Getting just a few models of board, will quickly let you fail the rout roll. 

Three Players
We did a game for three players. Here's what we added as rules.

Add two more supply tokens to the board upon setup. When setting up zombies (three normally) add one additional zombie from the start.

Roll for initiative as normal. Highest roller choose Agressor or Defender as normal. Second highest will chose the option left or Neutral.

Neutral: Will act as the second player in all phases. Player will go second in Action, Shooting and Close Combat phase.

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