30 December 2018

TTCombat: Freighter Ship

I've been eyeing the TT Combat cargo ship for a long time. Not really had a reason or plan for it. But after starting to play Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse, I decided to get it.

This is a huge kit, 75 cm long and perfect for a lot of scenarios. And cargo ships really fit into a lot of settings - you can even drop one into a post apocalyptic wasteland.

The MSV Ironsides kit set is excellent value (as is most TTCombat stuff really) as you also get 6 shipping containers and a nuclear weapon container (that I haven't build yet).

The bridge and cabin at the end, needs a bit of work when assembling. Keeping your head cool, you can make sure the entire top floor and house is glued together. It's not designed to be glued like this, but makes for easier taking apart during games.

As always I did most painting before assembling the kit. I did an image search for 'rusty cargo ship' both for color scheme and weathering.

On a few MDF pieces I had to use some masking tape, when priming, to secure sharp lines.

As always the entire piece have been drowned in a thick layer of quick shade varnish. It always get less visible in photos, but gives it all a grimy look.

A 3'x4' setup of an industrial harbor. Using some homemade felt mats, distribution center, shipping container and wire mesh fences. Lots of homemade stuff on this setup.

As a tribute to my good friend Mathias 'Admiral' Rizell the ship is named after him. MSV is maritime short for 'Multipurpose Supply Vessel'. It's a simple paper print that I've glued on.

With the six shipping container that comes with the ship. I'm looking forward to playing a game with this ship as a survivor base, with tents, barricades etc.

Some US Army infantrymen moving to clear the ship of zombies. Made from Mantic Mars Attacks models.

The entire is removable, it's 4Ground store accessories. Perfect height, fitting into the rooms of the ship.

The dock is made from a blue piece of felt and marked with my homemade jersey barriers

Soldiers about to make a forced entry into the ship. 

Did a quick search for various details for the walls and floor. Pictures inserted into Word and printed out in small scale. been searching for 'shipping manifest', 'shipping posters', 'clock', 'inventory manifest'. It really adds a lot to the grey walls.

"Aim for the head and not the chest!"

"... Headshots are the very best..."

"Shut the fuck up Carl!"

The bridge has some cool interior mdf details. I added a few sea charts as well, to the walls and the floor.

The 6 containers that come with the ship. I really like these. the doors open for interior play as well. And the references to other franchises are nice. Fallout and Batman references - what's not to like. Also the 'Vision Electronics' logo is also on the roof top accessories air condition vent.

And the Alliance Shipping logo is visible two places on the ship itself.

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