20 December 2018

Roman RISK: The blue team

Finally finished painting up the 1:72 models I've gotten for the blue team. I've gone for a super simple paintjob.

Base coat plate mail metal, pick out a bit of blue fabric, brown sheath and sandals, skin, dark tone wash. Painted the bases with PVA (colored green) and flocked.

Fairly quick to do - taking a lot longer than I had anticipated (and I've been too slow to get going).

This shows the complete amound of models I've sorted out for each team.

~55 infantry models - legionaries.
20 heavy cavalry - cataphracts.
2 legatus

Still to be added is some resin testudo formations by Ramshackle Games.

A big thank you to both King Games and Army Painter for donating painting supplies for the project.

Historically there weren't cataphracts in the roman army at the time of Caesars death. But these nice models were kindly donated by HaT miniatures. And since cataphracts are getting part of the roman army at around 200 bc, they'll do fine for this  project.

Legatus from a HaT miniatures Roman Command box and horses from HaT light parthian cavalry.

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