28 December 2018

Roman RISK: Catapult, fort, temple and lots of ships

Reinforcements have arrived from Ramshackle Games! The scale of the Roman RISK project is starting to show.

Unfortunately the stuff I sculpted myself have gotten lost in the mail - that sucks. But Curtis Fell (not all heroes wear capes) have sculpted up new models himself. Much better models that I did myself.

A big bunch of nice resin board game pieces have just gotten in - absolutely amazing stuff.  It's really hard to get a sense of how many models is enough for the game - but there sure seems to be a lot now.

The onager (a catapult) is a strogn attack weapon. Rolling a d10 on the attack, but only a d4 in defence. Expensive to build and requires some tactical sense to not be a waste of money. 

The Temple is a territory upgrade and will make that territory worth an additional point (though I might go for a 2 point increase). 

Forts are a territory upgrade and will allow the regular legionnaires to defend with a d8 (over normally a d6). Will not be painted in team colors.

Behold! The power of Rome! Ships sculpted by Mathias Rizell from Admiralty Miniatures

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