21 January 2019

Last Days: Three Player Game

We've played our first three player game of Last Days. The game played very well with three players, though it was of cause a bit slower. We did the game with a few modifications:
There's the aggressor and defender as normally in the phases. And a neutral, going second in each round.

You were not allowed to flee the battlefield with supplies, you had to leave with the model. This to not 'cheat out' on players still fighting on the map.

The game was once again between two semi experienced everyday hero groups and a trained group. The new player got 30 points more to build the starting list from. We used a bunch of my walking dead miniatures for the professional team.

The board
We set up a dense city center on a 3'x3' board. Using lots of terrain from my modern terrain collection. We devided the edge in 8 1'x1' areas for setup. We rolled off and then decided entry points based in that order.

Some supplies we're inside buildings. We added a few extra supplies and zombies because we were an extra player.

My team decided to enter the board in a tight group, trying to stay out of sight of both enemies. I have to models with the scavenger skill and the goal was for these to get some supplies. Another goal was to keep theader safe, to buy a new survivor for the group. 

The killer dog Toto and Duncan Atkins who found a riot gear armor at the prison earlier in the campaign. A very dangerous combination. We build a new model for Duncan after he found the cool gear.

An overrun blockade in the center of town.

This old lady zombie turned out almost impossible to kill during the game. Annoying first Bai Wu's team and then my own.

The traffic cones are bloody cool. Found a handful at a second hand store, with some other toys.

Frederick Lewis drew first blood. The professionals - acting like that - had a job to scavenge supplies. And that was all they planned. But then Frederick shot one of the pros and a hell broke loose.

Carla - with a vengeance! Also build a new model for my nurse (same head) as she's found a lot of cool gear and is a veteran now.

The entire team of Bai Wu advancing towards the gas station in the middle, exchanging shots with the professionals also charging the station.

I was terrified of the potential invincible Duncan Atkins and his riot gear armor. So it was a priority for my group to take him out, as soon as possible - we were heading for the same supply counter.

With some heavy noise making fire, he was quickly taken out of action.

Blam blam blam!

Before going down Duncan got a few shots in at Carla but she survived.

All the gunfire draws in a zombie, who's right a Dorothy's throat. The girl was about to climb a fire escape to a roof with supplies.

My leader Wade is hugging the walls and staying in cover, I needed him to be safe. He tried to support his team, but the lone zombie was hard to hit. With lots of knockback, it took Wade several turns of shots, walking backwards and reloading to bring it down.

A good Samaritan from the professional group, used to work at a free clinic, got swamped by noise drawn zombies from the start. He managed to hold out for the entire - but didn't do anything else than being bugged down by horror tests. 

The leader of the professional team is a cop sergeant and a kid has joined the group as well. All characters are from a hard part of town, ghetto like blocks. We make stories for all our characters in the game.

Firefighter Sam is great at getting around, he super fast with 8AP and he have a skill for extra movement as well. He's also good in a fight. So it's always a give and take, when should he leave the board with supplies.

The professionals on their side of the gas station. The Abraham character (a sarge in game) threw himself through the window to get some supplies on the inside. We made the broken glass cause noise.

Dorothy breaks away from the zombie and tries to climb to safety on a dumbster.

Having fought out a fire fight with another team, it's time to face all the zombies that have been drawn in from all the gun fire noise.

A professional have climbed a ladder to the roof of the gas station. An excellent firing position and there's supplies on the roof.

The hardcore old lady walker, causing trouble through the entire game.

After the firefight have left me the winner and Bai Wus companions withdraw, it's time to get the loot.

The professionals are about ready to extract, having caused enough retaliation damage to the people who drew first blood. But there's a lot of zombies to work through in order to get out.

Father Job taking cover by a police car. The priest had a good game and blasted down lots of zombies with his trusty shotgun.

The resilience of the good doctor was stunning, round after round surviving the horde. Even when a young cheerleader was taken down next to him, he kept fighting hard.

John former S.W.A.T. went on a mission across the board to get supplies from the school bus - after Bai Wu's crew bailed. I actually forgot about him for a few rounds - just standing there behind the bus. He got the supplies though and made it out.

The extraction of the professionals was very hard fought, but a decent amount made it out - and the remaining group members weren't hurt. But the group was forced to post all reaming members on guard duty at their refuge.

Another very good game of Last Days. The game works well with three players, and that's nice to know. Looking forward to the next game.

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