6 January 2019

TTCombat: Rooftop Accessories

The cheap little 3-piece kit from TT Combat is a great way to enhance your modern table. I've been thinking about getting it for a while and then going 'nah, unnecessary'. But as most of the city block has the same height, it really adds a lot to the overall visual effect.

So this little kit is definitely worth a few bucks, if nothing else for the better photos it'll provide.

The small fire escape building can also be used on it's own, just reverse the door. And the water tower is good on the ground of any industrial area you might make.

Quick paintjob of base coating with cheap sprays, pick out a few details and drown in quick shade.

Check out all my modern terrain here.

Printed out a stock photo I found on google. Easy little detail to add on the water tower.

A neat little detail is the 'vision electronics' logo being used both on the air vent and the containers - that came with the cargo ship.


  1. Looks good. A Nice addition to the rooftop. I love you leaf scatter as well.

    1. Thanks. Looking forward to autumn, need more leaf scatter - I'm all out!