31 January 2019

Roman RISK: The last pieces

I've been frantically washing, priming, painting, basing lots of resin pieces cast and donated by  Ramshackle Games. Also I finally got around to taking photos, that's gonna be used as part of the rules.

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Photos are also going up on posters, for the kids to see what to pay for units, their attack and defence - and so on.

I didn't take photos of everything lined up because there's so bloody many pieces.

Really looking forward to get gaming now.

Legatus: General. Each team can buy up to 2 of these.

The testudo is a great little resin model cast and sculpted by Ramshackle Games. In the game it counts and fights as a regular Legionnaire. It's simply counter to show that many troops are on the same territory. We'll put a piece of cardboard next to it, showing have many troops it is.

The onager catapult is sculpted in 1:72 scale like the soldiers used in the game. I've base coated them in three different browns, giving a bit of difference in color on the map. Painted in no team color, to allow them to be used by any teams.

Catapults are not often used by themselves, as they have poor defence.

The quinquereme is the largest warship of the era. It's an expensive unit in the game, can transport many troops and fight well. Also painted in various browm, with interchangeable sails - to show team colors.

The liburnian is a smaller warship. Cheaper, less carrying capacity - but a good way to control water areas for points.

A small section of the huge amount of ships cast by Ramshackle. Both ship types are sculpted by Admiralty Miniatures.

I've painted up three sets of barbarians to put on the territories from the start. NPC enemies the teams need to conquer before fighting each other. I've also used difference browns for base coating these models.

Regular infantry.

Cataphract heavy cavalry for the teams.

Resin temple. Primed them white, letting a bit of the grey show through. This is a territory upgrade that will make the territory worth more points. Sculpted by Ramshackle Games.

Forts are another territory upgrade. They will make infantry models defend with a d8 instead of a d6 - making territories much more difficult to conquer.

Base coated with different browns and painted the tents with difference nuances of broken white.

Praetorian guards. NPC enemies occupying the two point territories at the game start. The defend with a d8, making the harder to kill.

Senators can be bought by the teams. They are worth a single point and can be moved around on the board. Idea is teams can also get many points by focusing on a small area, but plenty of temples and senators instead.

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