17 January 2019

Roman RISK: Praetorian Guard

Finished up painted 36 praetorian guard NPC enemies for the Roman RISK. Most of the models are from Italeri and 4 are from Airfix. The kit is really not that interesting compared to HaT miniature models.

There's 6 models - command style models on the sprues who's individual. The reaming 39 models are all just two different poses. HaT are both cheaper pr box and with a few more models in each box.

Had a few shields extra (as I used the banner bearers for blue team) and added those to some Airfix model I had.

In the game the praetorians will start the game on the two point territories and Rome itself. Making sure this are harder for the teams to catch. Compared to a legionnaire (d6/d6) the praetorians are attack d8 defence d8.

I'll be putting 5 on Rome and 2 on the other territories - if I have enough. Can't really remember how many of the territories I added to the map.

 I went with purple as it's the royal color, so would go well with the praetorian guard. And it's an active choice that no team color is purple - that would just be favoring them.

Historically the Praetorians haven't grown into the political power house of 'make and break emperors' at the time of Caesar - that comes a lot later. But serve the purpose well in the game.

As all game models these are painted with supplies sponsored by King Games and The Army Painter.

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