27 April 2019

Last Days: Attacked Church Refuge

As our Last Days campaign progresses the hostility between the two groups gets bitter - by pure miracle nobody has lost their life yet. Taking a step up the confrontation ladder, Bai Wu's gang directly attacked the refuge of Wade's survivors.

We set up a city center with a church in the middle. We added a lot of vehicles and other stuff to hide behind, because it would be deadly to attack.

My warband wouldn't be able to get any supplies in this scenario, it was all about defence. But I would be able to get easy XP instead. It's the attackers with everything to lose.

The setup for the game om a 3'x'3 homemade mat. This is the first time the church is seeing action in a game, so nice to finally use it. As the church only had one entry, we decided to use the same rules for windows and 'breaking down a door', so the zombies could swarm in.

I've got blog posts and tutorials for most of the stuff on the modern terrain hub.

We tried to set up a lot of cover around the church, to better give the attackers a chance to get near the refuge.

A quickly weathered toy car next to a Walking Dead truck from Mantic.

A crashed helicopter from FEMA and a wasted pilot next to it. Still need to paint a few zombies in the uniform colors as well.

Inside my groups refuge. I've upgraded my church with the armory perk, so we added an armory in the setup.

The shelves are from the 4Ground and I've added some Warlord weapons to give it the right look. 

After a bit of apocalyptic time, the alter becomes nothing but a table for supplies. 

Firefighter Sam is standing guard by the windows. I have a lot of shotguns on my team, deadly at close range and perfect for 'Lock 'n Load' guarding the refuge.

My SWAT member John has a good firearms characteristic, a good rifle and the double tab skill. He was in a great position in the church tower.

"In the name of the Father, the Son and the holy canned goods!"

Making sure to run and stay in cover, the attackers move towards the church. And after the last game a lot of Bai Wu's guys have been uparmed a lot. Dr. Hendricks now have a shotgun thrown over the shoulder.

Bai Wu and Toto the dog attacked from another side. They went for the front door, hoping the many angles of attack you allow at least one entry point. But John in the church tower quickly took out Toto, and forcing Bai Wu into cover - that military AR is great.

The game saw a lot of short range firefights. Warband members getting close to windows and blasting at each other with shotguns. Prioritizing fire sequence and getting 'locked and loaded' really meant a lot in this game.

Duncan Atkins made good use of the riot gear armor. Despite being slow, he managed to get close to the church, pick up some supplies and get out again - without getting shot to pieces.

Despite getting blasted with shotgun pellets from a close range, Duncan was able to shrug it off.

Bai Wu is forced from getting near the church, by the thread of a high ground positioned SWAT member. The zombie in the background mananged to break the window but was taken out in melee by Carla and Bobby.

It was a good game. The attackers got out with the two supplies from outside the church. All their injuries turned out to be minor, and all would be ready for battle another day.

The defenders didn't get any supplies, but did get a good amount of XP from taken attackers out of action. The only injury on this team was the leader Wade. I really wanted to hire another team member, so a bit bad he got taken out. He also rolled infected - but my last first aid supplies managed to get him extra XP instead.


  1. Nice report mate. The zombies seem to play quite a minor role.

    1. In this one they did. But in some of our games they been really dangerous and showed up at all the bad places.