13 April 2019

Tutorial: Resin and razor scrap barriers

I have a lot of random junk saved up for 'some day' projects. One of the things I've saved is the resin waste from all my Devils Run vehicles, figuring they would make good wasteland or Necromunda barriers one day.

Having started a This Is Not A Test campaign, I needed to make a full wasteland terrain collection quickly. So finally got around to using the bits. Another piece of scrap I've saved is some plastic from razor blades. The plastic hold new head for the razor. I always thought they would make good concrete barriers.

The step by step words are at the end of the blog. First the finished result. And check out all my other wasteland terrain.

Painting: I base coated the bits grey. I painted the plates and rods as dull iron. Gave the whole thing lots of quick varnish. Painted the sanded base with a brown and added static grass.

Here's the razor blade plastic reused as concrete barriers.

Step 1

Getting out the materials. The resin scrap pieces and a piece of hard foam / plastic from a looted mayonnaise advert stand.

Step 2
Cut out bases fitting the resin bits. I then cut the edges at an angle, it'll make the terrain look better on the mat.

Step 3
The resin bits needs a bit of sanding to work. Make a good flat surface so they're better to glue. Resin dust is bad for your health, so I bought a cheap dust mask for this and vacuumed after sanding.

Step 4
I used a hot glue gun for sticking them to the bases, but super glue and pva will work as well. Add a lot of sand before base coating as well.

Step 5
Hit the stuff with a cheap spray paint. I always give the sanded areas an extra thick coat, it'll help hold that sand in place.

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